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ATTENTION AOL, MSN & Prodigy users: You may experience odd behavior while using our on-line ordering system if you are using a web browser furnished by one of the above online services (or are on a network with restrictive settings). This is particularly important in the case of email. Please be sure that your login details are both correct & current. Particularly if you've not logged into your account at least once within the last 4-6 months;

FOR ALL USERS (please read this section carefully before logging into your account): Immediately after you created your account with us, you were sent a confirmation email (this was done automatically from our servers) and in most cases should have been received within about 5 minutes. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE THIS EMAIL, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PLACING ANY ORDERS ON THIS SITE UNTIL YOU'VE CORRECTED THE ISSUE AND HAVE LOCATED IT.*
The following suggestions will assure you also receive order confirmations and tracking details.

1) First, be sure your email program didn't inadvertenly file the account confirmation email into a 'SPAM' folder somewhere. We also suggest adding pianosupply, pianoparts and txt.com as email addresses you do not want blocked in the program you use on your computer or mobile device. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, ask your ISP, a friend or family member for help.

2) If you go on-line to check your email, login to your account to check not only the settings there, but for a 'SPAM' folder which may contain the email already sent you.

3) Should the suggestions above fail to provide any answers - and of course, the email with your account details, please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) immediately as they have probably assigned restrictive settings on your account which may have blocked or deleted the email we sent you - and of course, why you never even received it.*
*We know of cases where an ISP actually deletes email at the server deemed as 'SPAM' based on no more than "default" criteria of a scoring system. Filtering can be a really good tool and should be encouraged to help prevent spam. However, these programs can also be somewhat arbitrary and oftentimes counter-productive without being closely monitored by the person relying on them to filter their email. Unfortunately, many ISP's don't bother to tell their customers they've put filters on their servers to curtail spam (let alone providing you any way to monitor/modify your own settings or even turn the filters off should you prefer). Finally, unless absolutely necessary, please refrain from using 'freemail' addresses such as gmail, hotmail and yahoo on your account with us as these are invariably where we see the biggest problems.

Please assure that your web browser has been set to accept cookies from www.pianoparts.com before attempting to login to your account on this system. Should you encounter any problems, first check your browser's "exception" settings to assure the above website is shown as 'allowed'. You should also clear your browser cache and cookies (past browsing data) and try logging in again. You can also try logging on from a different web browser or even perhaps, try logging in from another computer altogether.

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